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Renfaze is the easiest place to invest in Dubai buildings under construction. We will text you as soon as it's ready

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Our Mission

Give the world a new investment platform where absolutely all investors will receive income. We want to build a risk-free platform and collect on it those people who lost their money on cryptocurrencies and stocks.

World's First Real Estate Exchange

Same as crypto exchanges, but only for real estate and without risks, we will change the rule of the game

  • Invest in Real Estate with as little as $100
  • Income up to 60% per year
  • Easy portfolio management
  • 24/7 Support
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Minimal risks

Real estate is the most reliable investment asset, we are tightly cooperating with developers and guarantee the safety of your investments

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Simple ownership

We handle of the entire process of selling and managing a property, saving you time and money

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Wallet diversification

You can buy 5%, 10%, 20% of any real estate from different developers and diversify your funds